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8 Tips for picking a better domain name

  Not only do these tips coincide with easier search engine indexing, They take into consideration human psychology, human memory is vital because if your end user doesn’t recall the proper address they are a lot less likely to reach there intended destination 1. Choose a .com extension 2. Use your brand name 3. Don’t use…

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How your site is set up matters. Here’s a visual demonstration

Most website owners and marketing often overlook how a web server and its network is configured. The purpose of this article is to provide a “not-so” technical person with a brief side by side comparison of two sites, and how those settings are most likely effecting there search engine performance. Both sites…

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Tips to a Million Visits A Month

Seventy five percent after Yummly propelled, its Chief Growth Officer Ethan Smith viewed the nourishment disclosure stage log its 10 millionth visit in a month. Be that as it may, as most continuing formulas, it didn’t turn into a bunch most loved by hurling together fixings in an attack of motivation. Yummly’s SEO procedure, which…

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