Syncing a lot of data from a directory to Amazon S3 Cloud

In an attempt to upload a directory 40+ Gigabytes worth of files on t0 Amazons S3.

Typically I use the AWS Console, but I ran into issues, I believe my browser was timing out.  I tried a couple downloading and installing third party applications, the only success I got from that was possibly inheriting additional malware.

I did manage to find a solution, I tend to pass on the command line tools, but I was desperate, turns out in this instance command line is actually sooo much easier and stable, This is basically all I had to do.

Download AWS CLI  and Install it

Open your terminal and run

aws configure

youll need to provide it your AWS ID, AWS KEY, Region, and a format (I choose JSON). Then all i had to do was run the following command to start syncing

aws s3 sync C://Your_Local_Directory_To_SYNC s3://your_S3_bucket

if you want to see more options simply run. You can sync bi-directionally or from s3 bucket to bucket by interchanging the last two parameters accordingly

aws s3 help

You are now free to do whatever it is you do.

Note: If you step away from your computer for too long or your computer goes inactive, this will discontinue your transfer. If that happens rerun the command to continue.

8 Tips for picking a better domain name


Not only do these tips coincide with easier search engine indexing, They take into consideration human psychology, human memory is vital because if your end user doesn’t recall the proper address they are a lot less likely to reach there intended destination

1. Choose a .com extension

2. Use your brand name

3. Don’t use exact match domains. Partial match domains are okay, but a brand name is always preferred

4. Make it memorable

5. Make sure its easy to spell.

6. Avoid special characters.

7. Avoid misspelling

8 Under 14 Character, shorter the better.

5 Ways to help ensure your websites secure

These days web sites can expect to be attacked by web bots as soon as a search engine index’s there site. The more advanced web bots will launch every known attack in order to find a vulnerability to exploit, and report back to its attacker, whom can conduct various nefarious acts on your server, any of which could greatly affect your business, domain and/or clients. Recently a very common attack on businesses that does not get enough publicity is ransomware, which could basically criple a companies operations until they pay the attacker money, most times these attacks dont require more effort to accomplish, so even small businesses can fall victim. Here are some tips I think every site should implement to ensure there website is secure.

1. Run updates on your server and all your software frequently

Plugins are vitally important for keeping websites ahead of potential security breaches. Ensure the ability to create and utilize custom plugins to reinforce site security, such as those that block particular IP addresses. Equally important, developers must also practice up-to-date coding and development standards and should use modern versions of platforms such as PHP and Apache. WDG developers, for example, use only coding structures and syntax patterns that have been proven secure and effective in order to maintain industry best practices.

2. Require a strong password policy

Require a strong password policy anywhere a password on your site and throughout your organization anywhere a password is used. Attackers will often brute force your user passwords using scripts, which is akin to trying every common password for every username until one is found, such an attack takes a few minutes to conduct and is also typically automated.

3. Conduct a regular back-up of your applications and databases

Having a backup copy of your applications and database could potentially save your business from any damage and/or prevent the loss of important information such as customer or sales records due damage was done by an attacker or virus. Once the damage is identified, without some sort of backup copy could take a business website offline indefinitely. For e-commerce websites, this could destroy the entire business.

4. Obtain an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate and employ an Encryption Protocol

The information traveling from your website to your end-user can be intercepted by an unknowing third party, whom can capture sensitive information such as credit card information, username, and passwords. SSL or secure socket layer secures the information by encrypting it before it transmitted.

5. Only install plugins or code from trusted sources

Attackers will often disguise viruses in actual functioning plugins, thereby allowing an attacker access to your server. These attacks often go unnoticed until it’s too late.

These steps are implemented automatically whenever possible when I develop for my clients. From a development standpoint, implementing the tips become more costly and difficult to implement as a site grows,

Lets end Fake News…Heres how…

Fake News in my opinion is Propaganda 2.0. Given the current advances in technology such as machine learning and cloud computing, fake news shouldn’t be as much of an issue as it currently is. Yet it feels like it would be easier to find a unicorn then it would be to name a reliable news source that the public can agree on. Fake News is perpetuated mainly for political and corporate purposes, so such a solution will only be made possible through grass roots in conjunction with computers rather than humans. I don’t have the budget of facebook but I can probably produce an application that will in time and through community contribution will be able to provide reliable factual news. This is something I may pursue in the future, so I cant publish further details but here are a few key features:

-Limited Context Machine Generated Content based upon curated news articles. Only publishing facts, and no room for personal opinions to “spin” any given topic
-Author Accountability. Index all curated articles to the associated author and provide a centralized access to the public to view all articles ever published online, and using machine learning and community collaboration to “grade” the author over time for accuracy of there publication.

For the non-technical person, such an algortihim is NOT nearly as complicated as what it takes to provide Google Search Results, in conjunction with collaborative community capabilities similar to YELP or Reddit. If i had a couple more capable developers and funding, I’d love to solve this problem and free humanity from the propaganda that plagues us all.

The Inconvenient Truth about the Democratic Party

Democrats are constantly accusing Republicans of being racist, bigots, liars, and deplorable. Carol Swain (an African American), professor of political science at Vanderbilt University, breaks down the history of the Democratic party and its history. Apparently, the Ku Klux Klan was originally formed by the Democratic Party, a party that started in support for slavery, which lead to the civil war, lead by the Republican President Abraham Lincoln to abolish slavery, but who was later assassinated by a…Democrat. Watch this short video, its an eye opener.

Scientific Data that Proves Global Warming is another Lie

A recording of a testimony from Dr. Don Easterbrook before the United States Senate Environment & Energy Committee, for which he provides a lot of weather data and facts that contradict the global warming narrative. Dr Easterbrook states upfront he is not backed by any special interest, and his only funding for his research is from government tax funding. Some important things he points out, is that there is no correlation between Co2 emissions and global warming. CO2 emissions didnt increase until after the 1940’s during the rise of the industrial era, during which time all records show that the earth temperature was cooling, also the measurement of CO2 in the overall atmosphere is not even close to 1%, he touches on all the important points.

Thank You Dr Don Easterbrook, for giving the truth a voice, it’s refreshing to be presented with data and no BS.

Real world example of unintentional consequences

Some people, best stay away from technology, rather than tell you, go see for yourself and Google “inurl:main.cgi linksys” (minus the “)….click on a few links and fulfill that inner “peeping tom” in you (don’t worry your secrets safe with me)

The cost of ignoring lies and accepting negatives for self preservation


These are interesting times. On one hand there are changes happening on a global scale that can’t really be ignored much longer. On the other hand the majority of the population seem to live their lives as if everything is just as it always is and always will be, locked in a tunnel vision of personal and material interest.

As long as we keep lying to ourselves based on conditioning, wishful thinking, suppression or denial and believe the lies “out there”, mistaking them for truth, nothing will change. This goes also beyond having a “positive” attitude, where hope can be merely a trap and lie to the self. Believing in lies that are “positive” in appearance (regardless how well-meaning the intent or good-hearted the person) is actually being negative and blocks one’s awareness and spiritual evolution. Being positive can mean acknowledging something negative because it is the truth, seeing it for what it is. If you believe a lie, even if it seems positive and makes you “feel good”, you give away your free will and that has spiritual implications. In these times of transition it becomes imperative to do seek truth and strive towards objectivity so we don’t take the “wrong” turn into entropy.

We now know for sure, encryption wont ensure privacy.

In the hours since the documents were made available by WikiLeaks, a misconception was developed, making people believe the CIA “cracked” the encryption used by popular secure messaging software including Signal and WhatsApp.

WikiLeaks asserted that:

“These techniques permit the CIA to bypass the encryption of WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Wiebo, Confide and Cloakman by hacking the “smart” phones that they run on and collecting audio and message traffic before encryption is applied.”

This statement by WikiLeaks made most people think that the encryption used by end-to-end encrypted messaging clients such as Signal and WhatsApp has been broken.

No, it hasn’t.

Instead, the CIA has tools to gain access to entire phones, which would of course “bypass” encrypted messaging apps because it fails all other security systems virtually on the phone, granting total remote access to the agency.

The WikiLeaks documents do not show any attack particular against Signal or WhatsApp, but rather the agency hijacks the entire phone and listens in before the applications encrypt and transmit information.

It’s like you are sitting in a train next to the target and reading his 2-way text conversation on his phone or laptop while he’s still typing, this doesn’t mean that the security of the app the target is using has any issue.

In that case, it also doesn’t matter if the messages were encrypted in transit if you are already watching everything that happens on the device before any security measure comes into play.

That being said, encryption wont protect your privacy. Uncle Sam has the ability to see and hear everything on our modern devices.

How your site is set up matters. Here’s a visual demonstration

Most website owners and marketing often overlook how a web server and its network is configured. The purpose of this article is to provide a “not-so” technical person with a brief side by side comparison of two sites, and how those settings are most likely effecting there search engine performance.

Both sites are basic “store-front” websites. Both are start-up companies. Just like a physical stores address, websites utilize IP addresses, so people are able to locate the website. In shared hosting multiple domains can share a single IP address. IP IP shares its IP with over a thousand other domains. Where as is the only domain associated with its IP address. If you were a search engine, which website seems more credible?
1,357 Other Domains 1 Domain

Sharing IP address with other domains, could also mean your domain could be penalized for the conduct of one of your neighboring domains.
7 SPAM Host

Blocked for Adult Content

Clean History

Here is how each company is pulling on search engines when using the company name.
Not Listed Top Position

Its important to note, pays less each month for hosting then does. This boils down to the capabilities of whomever set up your web server and your account type. Cloud Hosting has greatly reduced the cost of hosting for IT professionals, a developer with experience in setting up dedicated networks, could save money and gain you more traffic.

Reach out to me, if you would like me to review your site.

Virtual Reality Gaming Couldnt meet all the Hype

All the hype the past few years, yet it appears real VR (Not a Mobile phone strapped to your face) the technology was unable to break through to the masses, like Atari and Nintendo. I totally thought everyone would have one by now, I’m still waiting to come across one to play with.

According to Tech Crunch, Oculus has only sold a total of 85,000 DKI Developers Kit @ about $350 per unit. In case you forgot facebook paid a handsome $2 billion for the company. Opps? Who does the math on these wall street valuations?

Artificial Intelligence could hit the masses before VR Gaming. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that AI is already developing virtual games. I personally believe the technology to develop virtual games, isn’t there yet. Developing Virtual Games is too costly and consumers cant afford it, unless oculus finances the devices like cell phone companies do.

Reading Ingredients from food labels

If you google ingredients on food labels, here is something that is often overlooked but worth considering….Chemistry….Or…

its important to take into account. A chemical by itself, could be toxic, but when mixed with antoher chemical, results in an entirely different chemical (I <3 Alchemy), which in some cases is no longer toxic. Virtually nothing is safe at all concentrations (and everything IS safe at a low enough concentration) - it's all about the context. If you put concentrated sodium hydroxide on your skin, it will burn you. It is usually added to products to adjust the pH; it does this by reacting to form other substances. For example, if you react sodium hydroxide with hydrochloric acid (both very nasty substances in concentrated form), you get sodium chloride - common salt, which is safe (unless you eat too much, in which case you get water retention and high blood pressure). Also, sodium hydroxide reacts with carbon dioxide (from the air) to form sodium carbonate, so any unreacted sodium hydroxide that may be left in a product (usually almost zero anyway) will not pose a safety issue. This is also applies in cosmetics they don't put "toxic" materials in their products at levels that are dangerous, at least, not as far as current knowledge allows. If/when new and credible evidence appears to prove a risk, the permitted levels are either reduced, or the ingredient is banned.

Proof of why we should all question drug companies

Its no secret that western medicine is one of the largest commercial industry in America today. Society puts a lot of truth and faith into the medical institutions, so when a company publishes something to the public, we trust that the advice is to benefit the sick rather than for profits.

Unfortunately these companies have chosen profits over people. In my research for natural treatments for myself and people I care about, I come across constant contradictions. Here is just one example, when I was researching Essiac Tea for people with Cancer.

Here is what is posted on the official medical research publications taken directly from the government domain in regard to Essiac Tea.

Please note for the record that the CDC has researched Essiac Tea and found “This study may help to explain the mechanisms behind the reported anti-cancer effects of Essiac.”

I know anyone can publish on wikipedia but check out what it states is beyond contradictory:

Not only do they say it does not work, but it scares people away from it.

Taken from the Cancer Institute in UK.

This to me is unacceptable, sick people trust and rely on the advice of these institutions, to clearly deny that any research has been conducted is A LIE! To blatantly deny the results of the study that could help someone so the institute can retain profit, should be a CRIME!

Aloe Vera is Amazing for your skin

To date in the category of natural remedies and treating psorasis. Ive seen the best results from using aloe vera.

I apply the leaf directly onto the effected areas of my skin. This soothes swollen areas, and continual application works. I find psorasis occurs internally, aloe vera treats the skin, but wont do the trick to getting rid of psorasis, for my skin, it is my “go-to” solution. In my opinion way better than any topical steroid, hold the side effects too.

My background dealing with psorasis

According to “western medicine” my Psorasis was a heredity gift passed on to me by my mothers genes, throughout my life I have always had more skin issues then usual. In my teenage years I struggled with acne, and before I even knew what it was, psoriasis would appear on my elbows, when I was a teenger, ACcutane helped me with my acne issues, I also recall my doctor indicating that it was a gnarly medicine that should only be used for a short period.

At the time of writing this, my psorasis has been severe for about 2 years, about a year ago it started waging its attack on my face, and currently has covered 80% of it. My other affected areas are my stomach, scalp, pelvic region, and back.

My mom whom is older than me, does not show any signs of psoriasis on her, but I know it has progressed on her with age. My mom has been good about taking care of herself physically all her life, I, on the otherhand have not. I have never been good with practicing the art of restraint.

Artificial Intelligence threatens most jobs

I learned about machine learning “artificial intelligence” recently. The titans of the internet today google, apple, Microsoft, and amazon have been publishing Developer API to start using these services. I had a free moment yesterday, I took the time to wrap my mind around the API, to make a living in freelance its our responsibility to remain relative. Only to be greeted by the grim reaper of human skill, An all to familiar adversary, onto the road to sustainable success/wealth in this life.

From my research, I realized, Artificial Intelligence exist, computers can generate there own code. This shall deprecate the many programming languages, into a consolidated object oriented language, and shortly there after typing will not be necessary, I suspect at which time we’ll have truly “smart” devices that are aware of your intentions as well as other devices.

I got into programming because thought it would be a good skill for the long term. Granted it has treated me well, The deprecation of my trade means the deprecation of a majority of modern trades.  Simply put, Soon all work will be replaced by machines.

Hosting like the big boys…on the cheap!

Amazon is out to own the web hosting space with its new lightsail space. Lightsail offers a setup of the cloud Virtual Private Server instance, and all the trimmings that typically would require an experienced IT professional to configure to make possible. Making it possible for small businesses to have a scalable private server for as low as $5 a month, and any newbie developer should be able to set it up!! If your still using Godaddy, bluehost,hostgator and sharing one IP address and server space, among hundreds (sometimes thousands) of other websites in a “shared” hosting account (which search engines can see), it would be silly not to migrate.

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